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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post

Then again maybe I am lucky, I don't have debt, I don't have those stressors. I am cash flow heavy, investment strong and own everything outright, except the house.

That said, I have my own garden, I live near enough the mountains that I can escape at will and spend my time grounding myself when needed, I enjoy both that immediate escape and the return to civilization. I can't live without either.. but I couldn't exclusively do one. I suppose I am lucky that I live in a place like Vancouver where I have that privilege.
Ditto this (minus the Vancouver part lol).
I enjoy going off the grid for hunting camp (10 days).
I enjoy not carrying debt.

But-I also enjoy having reliable transportation when I need to get to medical care. I enjoy having access to the college to work on my degree. I enjoy having medical coverage, which requires my partners work, which also requires they own the tools to do their jobs.

I GREATLY enjoy my photos of family over the last 25 years. They are the heart and soul of my memories. So I can't imagine giving those up.
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