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Default "digging up" does not compute

Trust me, I am just as confused as some of you people are, what I am doing is called "dating"

only it is not dinner and a movie, it's embedding something like what you would call 11.15.2013@15:33

except using a different system that I find less confusing

all I meant to expand on what NakedEarth said, as I thought everybody missed the point of the words I quoted.

To the OP, I was saying it is important to ask yourself whether it is the SO who can't handle polyamory, or the OP

again, NakedEarth's very pertinent quote

Originally Posted by NakedEarth
....and find out I can not share my partner but only want to be shared....
as I tend to agree with people who can recognize truth, it means they respect truth, and only those who respect it, ever truly know it

allowing yourself to be shared between two lovers doesn't make you "poly"
as much as being able to honestly share your lover with another person,

and even that wouldn't necessarily mean you are "poly"

which I would say means an ability to respect the people you share a lover with wherein that respect -- if not love -- is free from manipulation, secrets, ill will, lies and then finally when the point is reached, that you consciously choose to share your lives with other.

dating, is very important so that those I choose to share my life with, completely and fully understand what time it currently Is which means not using flawed system built with the intent to distort what the Calendar speaks
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