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Originally Posted by ColorsWolf View Post
There are many difficulties when it comes to living independently as any Human who has just moved out of their parents house can tell you and there are many difficulties when it comes to living dependently on some one else as any Human who has yet to move out of their parents house can tell you.~

I just think that when it comes to non-Humans, when ever and as much as we can we need to recognize, understand, and respect their decisions whether they decide they want to go outside without you or to stay inside lazing by the fire.~

In any case, we need to do our best no matter what to teach them and to help prepare them for the life and world they have been born into.~

For example: teaching them to avoid cars at all times as this is the number one killer of all "Pets", and so on.~


Again please do animal kind a favor and do not bring preys into your life as you are utterly clueless. I work in veterinary medicine and have 30 plus years experience working with animals.

Sincerely Dagferi.. Who has a BS in zoology and a minor in Biochem.
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