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I also suffer from depression, it's always worse this time of year and every so many years it's so bad that I end up hospitalized. What I do as far as relationships is the same thing I try and do year round. I give them warnings. I tell them both how I'm doing, I explain that I'm overly emotional for no real reason so when they catch me crying they know it's not anything as horrible as it seems. I let them know I need more. More cuddling, more time, more light, more musicals, more help. It's up to them how much of that they want to give me but I haven't really had an issue where I felt they didn't care.

So if someone wants to date, I try not to feel the need to infringe and typically they are honest about how much they can do for me and when they also need a break. Since I've also been the caretaker for those with severe depression and other issues I understand that they also need breaks. I may not always emotionally get it, but sometimes that means I just have to say it to myself until I get through it emotionally!
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