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I'm not really an extrovert not a social person, ironically. I'm intensely attached and an introvert, meaning I pick very few close friends and dedicate a lot of attention to them. I don't want to misrepresent the situation.

Part of the issue is I/we thought it was supposed to be like this when we got married; that we were supposed to dedicate all of ourselves to each other. Another issue was the passing of my dad. I would normally spend an hour or so a day chatting with him, and switched my attention to my wife when he died.

So therein lies my disappointment; I have no one to share any of this with, and I can't really talk to my wife:
1) That would be monopolizing her time
2) She would feel attacked
3) She can't help because the times I need to talk, she is already out

Just being on this board, reading about others dealing with their emotions, getting people talking to me, and knowing I'm not alone has lifted a tremendous amount if the burden from my shoulders.

She has every intention of joining this board too, so I think it right I don't misconstrue her actions or motivations, and squarely couch things in the way I feel, I see, I am.
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