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Default Still can't figure out this picture thing...

but I will. Once I have time to actually go try everyone's helpful suggestions.

But I thought I would ask a cat related question. Tiny Cat is not letting me sleep as much as I need to sleep. I am so tired and frustrated I've mulled over if I need to find her another home.

She plays at night which would be fine if she played at night downstairs, away from where I sleep. She plays - loudly - in the bedroom from about when I go to bed to about 1 am or so. I can't lock her out of the bedroom because she scratches the door continuously until she is let back in. (Tried putting tinfoil on the door to discourage her from scratching - did not work plus adds extra 'crinkle' to scratching sounds. Also that room gets really cold cut off from the rest of the house.

Then she wants me back up at 4:30 am to feed her. Which is not happening and I ignore her. So she goes back to running around and doing stuff loudly in the bedroom. There is also meowing and other vocalizations.

I'm ok with getting up and feeding her at 6 am. I'd prefer 7 am which is when I get up normally but can work with that. I can either start work or go back to bed. But 4:30 cannot happen. I can't sleep during the day to make up for it.

I've tried playing with her before going to bed so she gets time with me. I've left dry food out for her as a last night snack - that helped initially but seems to have lessened in effectiveness. I'm working on getting a warm place for her to sleep in the bedroom. Unfortunately it's the coldest room in the house and Tiny Dog has dibs on sleeping under the covers with me.

I am so frustrated. Ideas?
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