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Perhaps he has fears (as I did, and still do a little) that he won't meet many compatible women?

I know from experience in the last 2 years I've probably met only a few women I was compatible with and expecting them to be ok with me being polyamorous just narrows that net even tighter... I should point out I did meet a girl recently who was poly, but it wasn't possible then and I'm kind of fearing that I might not meet another person I would like to date who is poly and compatible potentially for years.

My point is that perhaps he would rather stay celibate than go chasing something he's sure (in his own head) that won't happen, or worse still divorce you and no longer have his kids? They don't sound like very good options so if this is the way he's thinking then maybe that's why he's choosing celibacy?

Perhaps you could suggest he check out the poly or kink scenes so he can meet some open minded people? Or failing that you could hold a dinner party at yours and ask each of your guests to bring along one open minded, preferably singe/poly, female friend who has never met your husband...
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