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Originally Posted by NakedEarth View Post
Its a hard decision... I know... is the strong love for one person worth loosing the possible loves of many more? Or what if I throw this away and find out I can not share my partner but only want to be shared.

I don't know.

Yes, you do know, perhaps the problem is really that it's not convenient.

If any of you are half as close to the person whom you all say things like there is no way I could even begin to bring up this topic

then you are well aware that they are at least somewhat knowledgeable of your secret

My advice would be to quit avoiding the obvious and lying to yourself because everyday you believe those lies you actually understand less truth of both yourself and this world

Because you need figure out why you claim to understand how a person can love two people, yet you yourself are consciously choosing to loose both making two mistakes, withholding the information from the one you claim to do love, but are not respecting by keeping your secret and not allowing them to choose for themselves whether or not they can actually handle polyamory

and the worst thing is the reason you rationalized this, is because it was you who ultimately wasn't capable of sharing

and if I were you I would figure it out, because you are likely to loose it all


and everything was actually directed toward you

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