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I for one can understand a lot of what you are saying and going to do here. Athough never considered "massively" overweight, I have been at least 50 -75 lbs more than what is considered healthy for a long time. Good ol' puberty took away my high metabolism. lol I have also had health problems from asthma to bad knees and back which make exercise painful. But I'd like to leave you some of my thoughts and what I've found to help me and my quest for health and happiness with my body.

--See a doctor (I have an appointment on Friday) and be persistent about getting things taken care of. Get the workups to make sure that I'm not having any sort of endocrine/metabolic/blood sugar issues.
Very important, but what is also important is having a Doc you trust to help you do what you need. Make sure you get along with the doc and they want to work with you or find a new one, if possible.

--Less processed food. It's getting into the growing season anyway. I will live for my local farmer's market.
The trick I learned for my own weight loss was not just what I ate, but how much. When hubby would cook dinner some nights, he would make enough for 3 servings, one for each of us and one for leftovers. I tended to eat that 3rd serving with dinner more often than not because I always felt hungry still. That came to a fast end (simple change). The other change was with my fast food habits. Whopper Jr., not Whopper, Apple Fries/Dippers, not French fries (unless craving, I am preggo after all), Grilled Snack Wraps instead of Filet-o-Fish...those kinds of changes really did help a lot.

--Cut back on soda. I had been drinking a 2-liter of diet pepsi every day. This cannot possibly be good. Substituting tea, because I cannot drink water for some reason.
--Skim milk instead of 1%.
First, have to say, I cannot drink water either. Makes me nauseated unless I am getting really dehydrated. Second, I had a 24 pack of Dew every 3 days habit...I am now down to one can a day (those mini cans just didn't have enough caffeine for me). I try to get juice or milk when we eat out.
Tea is great, juice, milk, lemonade/limeade...more natural ingredients than fillers.

--30 minutes of fresh air daily, minimum.
My psych told me of a gentleman in New York, in an attempt to get me to start getting outside and getting more exercise, who was overweight and very out of shape. He bought himself a cheap bicycle and started by just going around the block once a day as that was all he could manage. Neighbors were not kind and laughed (big guy on bike and all). After a week or two he was able to manage two blocks...etc. His neighbors stopped laughing and would wave or applaud even after time and they started seeing how much he was changing. Point of the story, slow and steady improvements work. Start with a walk around the block, if that is easy then move to block and a half or two (we have an alley in back so half blocks are possible) and then keep increasing. Switch it up a little and change blocks.

--Try my best to leave work at work and not fret about it when I'm off the clock.
Good luck with this one. Hubby has been working on this one for some time now. Unfortunately, while at work he thinks of problems at home, while at home he thinks of problems at work and he can't seem to figure out a way to switch them.

As we all know these changes are possible as people do them all the time. I find it is keeping with the change and not falling back into comfort zones that really bogs me down. Well, that and getting pregnant.
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