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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Would it be an option to have the other parent live / stay with you for a few months while things get stable, and then move out when the child is old enough to no longer need 60/60/24/7 attention?

Just because there are plenty of single parents out there finding a way to make it work without support, I doubt any of them would recommend it as a first choice, or do it the same way if they had it to do over. And there is no way those kids are getting the best possible care. They're doing their best, but being awake for 72 hours straight with a screaming baby and no relief makes it absolutely impossible for anyone to be at the top of their game.
Yes and yes I would and frankly the rest of that is so offensive and hurtful to me I can't even.......

I am a single mother by choice btw. I have never been awake for 72 hours (perhaps I don't have the demon baby gene but neither of my daughters have done that) and I am pretty certain that if you asked my sister who did have the demon baby, she would say the same thing.

Having done both situations, this time around hasn't been greatly different with regards to stress levels. Practically the hardest thing is finding time to have a bath, but half the time she is sleeping and if I can't wait until she is sleeping I just bring her into the bathroom and she is as happy as a clam (she likes to see me).

So, that is where I am going now, to take my inadequate, not at the top of my game, single parent ass to the bath, with my obviously badly cared for daughter, thanks a bunch.
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