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Originally Posted by saudade View Post
Mono, what say you?)

In cahoots,
If you want to make something seem less than normal to a child, sit them down and tell them that what you do is not what a lot of their friends' parents do.

That being said, a young child is much more ready to accept the concept of diverse relationships because, regardless of whether they have a poly or mono nature, they are relatively un-programmed to believe things should be a certain way.

Children learn by seeing and experiencing. I have no doubt that Redpepper's son would be quite fine with me living in a suite with them. In fact I think he would be quite happy He refers to us as team, his mom and dad and me.
Because we gently and patiently integrated my presence into his life, I have simply become family naturally. I am already a very big part of his life; I just live 9 minutes away as opposed to downstairs.

He has a sense that people are free to love who and however they want. He has learned this mostly from witnessing healthy relationships around him and a little discussion when things come up.

I can't speak for how to introduce this to an older child or young adult..because I haven't done that.

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