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Originally Posted by Emm View Post
That doesn't mean you need to find another relationship if you don't want to. Do you have any hobbies?
This is made harder by the fact that we are raising two kids, and my hobbies aren't very kid friendly; rollerblading and survival-horror video games. I also do photography.

The thing is though that I think I do need another relationship because I need people to talk to. I feel so much better just being on this forum, already, because I'm talking to someone about this. Outside of these past few posts there has been no one I can talk to except my wife, who already feels overburdened by how much I monopolize her time and energy.

It isn't fair that I take all of her time and energy; as a human she has the right to reserve some for herself and allocate to whom she wants, just like I have to right to ask her for time too.

It's just hard because I will be in starvation mode if I don't find other people to talk to, because there is no one else to meet my needs. The idea of poly isn't anathema to me, having additional partners, friends, lovers, etc, sounds good.

The hard part is actually finding them.
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