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Default Hello, I'm confused.

I'm the husband in a loving relationship. My wife has recently confessed she wants more, a lover, a boyfriend, and a second husband.

How is everyone? I'm struggling because, as a man, it is a lot more difficult for me to find other partners than she can, and so have to deal with staying home alone while she is out on dates. There is some jealousy there, but she has offered to help me review my OKC profile to see if that helps.

The current person she is starting to date has offered to find us/me a fourth to make it easier, but I'm worried its temporary and I'll be back to trying to find a date while she is having fun.

Of course she has mentioned I'm totally invited to the dates because she really wants to be with two men at once, so there is that.

The difficulty really is really that she is driving this, so is more motivated than I am. Can anyone just talk me through this if you've been there and done that?
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