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Re: Meika ... cats are so famous for their penchant for playing "hard to get." But wow: follows you everywhere, runs to the bedroom to join you in bed, curls up on your pillow? Well darn it, that means her "hard to get" veneer fell apart!

And as for that "dumb doctor" ... they haven't proven it's a cat allergy anyway yet, have they? In any case, we've seen it proven that humans *do* the snuggly-snuggly with their "non-human prisoners" -- allergies be damned!

"kdt -- yes Forney is the dog. And yes, he believes I am Grandma and he is Mom."
He is: Mr. Mom! Fussing over the kids and the ... whole family ... as only a mom could do.

"He gets *so* heartbroken in summer when other random children run up and down the street and don't stop at our yard so he can do his parenting duties!"
Ahem ... he's, heh, really into this mom thing ... He's not just his own family's mom; he's *everybody's* mom.

Hey, who's Sweet Pea? I lost track. One of the kids or grandkids it sounds like?

Whatever the case may be, leave it to a dog to be a tireless professional and a loving friend at the same time. Say all you wish about humans not being authentic friends to their pets; pets *never* fail to be authentic friends to their humans! As stated in one or two posts on these cross-pollinated threads, they've an amazing will to make the best of every situation, no matter how "wrong" their lot in evolutionary terms.

Damn, I'm really lovin' these animal stories. This thread has taken an interesting turn. (Almost like "domestic slaves hour" on the Discovery Channel -- in mini-blog format.)
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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