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kdt-yes Forney is the dog. And yes, he believes I am grandma and he is mom. He is fully unaware that he is even "dad". he believes he's mom. lol.
He parents all of the kids-regardless of where they came from or why they are here.
He gets SO heartbroken in summer when other random children run up and down the street and don't stop at our yard so he can do his parenting duties!


If it weren't for him I'm sure our youngest and the two grandsons would die as babies! Because he has the patience to lick tears and love on them and let them crawl all over them-that we old PEOPLE lack! HAHAHA!

He's awesome.

You may be on to something regarding his choosing to be more loving to babies in light of his crappy beginnings.
I certainly don't mind his choices!

He rocks.

When I am alone in my room, he will lay his head on the edge of the bed (he doesn't get on the bed, I think it hurts his hips to even try because of how high it is) and watch me til I close my eyes. Then he sniffs my hands and goes to lay on the towel on the floor in front of my dresser until he believes I am REALLY asleep. At some point, he wanders upstairs and I find him in the mornings curled up on the couch.

When Sweet Pea was little, they would fall asleep together in the evenings watching movies. Sweet Pea never needed blankets, because Forney would curl up around him to keep him warm.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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