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I remember when all of that happened with you.
Believe me-I am paying attention.
Maca and I were up discussing it long into the night on the phone last night.

The ramifications of the bc/heavy periods etc are being watched and all of that. Far too aware of the risks to not be paying attention on my own. Doctors aren't experts. They are expert guessers. Too often people don't realize that. They are playing a guessing game. Which means-they can guess wrong at least as easily as I can.

Anyway-yes, we are watching all of that.
But-I couldn't help but note the little details and how they correlate to so many of the "she sleeps with him but isn't interested in having sex with me anymore" posts we get on here.

I have to wonder how often it's simply a matter of "go turn her on".
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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