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I really appreciated these points, thanks:

Originally Posted by peabean View Post
People harp on and on about the importance of dyads within triads. Clearly, this is an important point, and newbies should be aware of it. On the other hand, if you acknowledge that there are 4 relationships within a triad, then you also have to care for the 4th relationship (i.e the three person one). If, like most humans, you use sex as a bonding activity within the relationship, you therefore need to have some threesomes to keep that 4th relationship strong.
That's really deeply true - we don't live together like you guys do, peabean, so it's hard for us to find the threesome time. But we certainly need that space together. Last night was supposed to be a date with AM and me, alone. We changed things around so that it included WI. We all needed the shared space and the connection with each other.

I for one don't find threesomes lack intimacy. I have no trouble feeling connected to both partners, looking in both of their eyes, feeling my heart beat with theirs. I don't think threesomes are like a too sweet cake.
Agreed. Very different from dyad-sex, in wonderful ways. As I'm getting used to our threesomes, I'm finding myself loving how they contain a whole different language, a whole different way of sharing and being together. As the first quote said, they're about maintaining and expressing that 4th relationship. It's a big deal to have that space. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, sometimes. So no, they're not like a too sweet cake, not at all.

All that said, I feel like I'm way off topic to this post, but I did want to speak up...
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