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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
HOWEVER-one of the side effects is that I don't have a sex drive. I don't MIND having sex and I can still orgasm. But, I have no drive for sex. So, where before I was very much the instigator, now, I don't have any motivation or interest or even memory that I might ought to instigate it.
I've felt this way since my surgery. It was decreasing due to my state of health before, but got seriously worse afterwards add on what appeared to be a year long chronic yeast infection... So, very little sex drive and pain/discomfort. It didn't even occur to me that it could be another yeast infection, since I'd already been treated at least once - likely it just never went away completely and I had been on antibiotics 3-4 times over that year . After awhile of very little sex drive, it becomes habit.

Double dose bc hormones In my case, it was the bc hormones that started causing some of the problems. Have they done ultra sounds? I feel for you, doctors didn't treat my complaints as anything serious until I passed out and the blood loss was visibly obvious. Of course by then things were so bad that I really shouldn't have been able to walk - ER persons, kinda freaked. I know your on top of it, but make sure your family is watching out for you also.
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