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Default The Science of Feeling Good

There has to be some sort of trick to it, something to uncover that makes it easier--or at least more possible--to feel good.

As a bit of background, I have to say that I honestly don't know of a time in my life when I've felt completely well. I'm a complex tower of physical, psychological, and physiological problems. I have always been overweight, and massively so. I've had lifelong issues with allergies, asthma, gastric disorders, hormonal imbalance, depression, and insomnia. At any point, at least one of these issues (or something else that I have yet to discover) has been bothering me.

I can take some medications to help with some of these issues, but things like the depression only feel better when I'm at a good place in life. One of the problems is, things don't often feel good in my life because I'm so exhausted and dogged down by my health issues that I let things--friendships, opportunities, chances to have some fun and adventure--slip by.

So, I'm working from the ground up. Trying to sort things out, get my health in order so I can concentrate on getting back to grad school, getting out of my shitty retail management job, and actually building the life I want for myself.

So I'm outlining plans for getting there, one step at a time. Changing the little things. I guess all I want from a blog is this: a place to keep my thoughts in order, a place where I can bitch about the process, and hopefully a little help from people in holding me accountable for this. I'm good at making plans and not seeing them through (largely because this illness/stasis thing that plagues me.)

Any support or prodding in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Kori's simple changes for a better life:
--See a doctor (I have an appointment on Friday) and be persistent about getting things taken care of. Get the workups to make sure that I'm not having any sort of endocrine/metabolic/blood sugar issues.
--Less processed food. It's getting into the growing season anyway. I will live for my local farmer's market.
--Cut back on soda. I had been drinking a 2-liter of diet pepsi every day. This cannot possibly be good. Substituting tea, because I cannot drink water for some reason.
--Kashi and home-made oatmeal instead of Froot Loops.
--Eat 1 cup of yogurt daily.
--Skim milk instead of 1%.
--30 minutes of fresh air daily, minimum.
--Try my best to leave work at work and not fret about it when I'm off the clock.
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