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Default birth control/sex drive/trivia

It's been 8 weeks now that I've been on birth control pills. They were prescribed in an effort to control my period because I was having issues bleeding through all sanitary products and my clothes every 2 hours. ASININE.

Anyway-thus far-it isn't working for that purpose so as of last night they doubled the dose.

HOWEVER-one of the side effects is that I don't have a sex drive. I don't MIND having sex and I can still orgasm. But, I have no drive for sex. So, where before I was very much the instigator, now, I don't have any motivation or interest or even memory that I might ought to instigate it.

Why I think this is interesting trivia is because;
While Maca is very motivated to instigate, GG is not.
Therefore, Maca hasn't seen our sex life reduced. Because he instigates and off we go.
But GG has only instigated sex one time in the whole 8 weeks.

Combined with the trivia that Maca is working out of town and has only been HOME 2 of those weeks-meaning that GG and I have every night to ourselves and could have sex any day of the week:

It brought me to a consideration regarding some posters complaints/frustrations regarding their partner having/wanting sex with someone else more often.

There are a VARIETY of reasons for that-some of which are quite insidious to a relationship. But there are some; like mine, that are simply a combination of a hormonally driven behavior (or lack of behavior) and a personality driven behavior (or lack of behavior).

Hormone=I'm not craving sex or motivated to reach out for sex.
Personality= Maca IS motivated to reach out for it. GG is NOT motivated to reach out for it.
Outcome= Maca continues to get sex regularly. GG does not.

Food for thought for anyone whose struggling with a partner who suddenly isn't showing an interest in sex, but is continuing to have sex with another partner.
It's not that I would turn GG down. I would not turn EITHER of my loves down if they want sex.
But I don't want it or need it or crave it etc at the moment. So if they wants it-they needs to be motivated enough to get it.
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