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Originally Posted by Inyourendo View Post
As someone who works and breastfeeds there is no way I'd be willing to allow someone else take my baby outside of the time I absolutely HAVE to be away from them. Exclusively pumping is rarely ever successful and I would not jeopardize my supply baby to gone any more than what is absolutely.necessary. just pumping for the time I was at work was hard enough and required the use of donor milk. Also the more baby is bottlefed the more likely they ate to reject the breast altogether.
Ditto on that.
Currently my daughter is working 2 days a week for a few hours and pumping to fill that gap.
It's been a fiasco.
It's not JUST the issue of losing milk-but also with new babies, flipping between bottle and breast can be confusing.

BUT-the hard part is actually for those of us who are caregivers while she's at work. The baby (who is now 5 months) becomes VERY emotional and upset when its feeding time. He can and will take the bottle. But it isn't giving him all of what he needs (which is his mommy time). So he isn't calmed. A baby who is otherwise happy and fun-is miserable until mommy feeds him. Once he has his breast time-he's back to normal.
But that can be hell on shifts she works 8 hours. Absolutely HELL for him and the caregiver.

Which is NOT to say one can't co-parent. It is to say-be aware-that in prioritizing babies needs, you will need to pay attention to the babies personality.

Our daughter was exclusively breastfed for a year. She couldn't wait to get AWAY from me. As soon as she was done eating-she wanted her daddy and NO ONE ELSE would do. She would scream for hours if he was unavailable.
But, if he was here, I would feed her, and then he would burp her and she was happy as a lark. I can't imagine trying to get through those nighttime feedings without him lol! She was just so determined that after she ate it was HER time with daddy.
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