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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
And now Urban Dictionary, so....well I think our definition will probably prevail.
I think urban dictionary is about as useful as toilet paper..

haha.. in this case, it isn't a synonym for hot bi babe. A unicorn can be one but it isn't the same. What a crock!!!

I am married, as well as dating.. hot bi babes that aren't unicorns... :O:O:O holy smokes urban dictionary is wrong..

I am with II. unicorn is not a poly term. Its an alternate lifestyle term. I knew what it meant long before coming into poly. Just because some of us want to redefine a meaning doesn't make it true. Calling a donkey a horse because urban dictionary might tell me, doesn't make it so.

I did/do "swing" (my relationship is open and I liked threesomes, I didn't do swinging parties but did know swingers) and I did have threesomes. And not every fmf threesome is a "triad" setup. Finding women who actually want to fuck women and men, isn't that easy (there is also the case of bi-experimenters, which is far more common then actual bi-sexuals). So yes, they are still unicorns even in the swinging community. As we have all ascertained many times, you can have threeways without everyone involved touching everyone else.

In the end, my personal opinion and those in the poly circles I am involved in. a unicorn is a bi-sexual women interested in getting involved with a couple in a locked in threeway relationship. Period. Doesn't have to be hot, doesn't have to even be unhealthy.. I know a few "unicorns" that prefer it that way. gives them the ability to be a secondary which suits some personalities.

Is a poly unicorn more rare than a swinging one.. sure, maybe. Maybe we need to come up with sub labels for unicorns to add more clarity to the situation... (that was sarcasm by the way)

I also know very happy poly unicorn .. couplings?, trouplings?.. groups.. ahh that works, that work quite well and people are happy. So the premise that a unicorn hunting couple is damaging is just plain incorrect and ignorant. Are there ones who suck, yep as with all relationships, lots of people suck at them. Unicorn "hunters" don't own the rights to co-dependent abuse. Luckily most of the happy ones I know, don't come to forums like this. The pent up abuse because there are bad ones, would just be plain horrible for them.

Its unfortunate circumstances. But this forum abuses people who don't fit this forums poly-ideals which is dictated by the active members. The abuser is sometimes blind to the abuse they dish out, but that doesn't make it less true.

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