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Originally Posted by london View Post
You can absolutely breastfeed and co parent in this way. When you are away from your baby, express milk and someone else can feed that expressed milk to the baby via bottle or cup. True, it's advisable to make sure baby is breastfeeding efficiently before you get bottles involved but cup feeding is a good alternative in the meantime. Plenty of babies are breast and bottle fed from day 1 though and don't have any issues.
As someone who works and breastfeeds there is no way I'd be willing to allow someone else take my baby outside of the time I absolutely HAVE to be away from them. Exclusively pumping is rarely ever successful and I would not jeopardize my supply baby to gone any more than what is absolutely.necessary. just pumping for the time I was at work was hard enough and required the use of donor milk. Also the more baby is bottlefed the more likely they ate to reject the breast altogether.
done with poly, the end.
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