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Default Love and Spirit

I am fairly new to all this.

I belong to a fellowship of people that encourage you to have your own understanding of God. In the years of travelling that path, it has seemed to me that love is the life energy in and of itself. That this God thing we are all pointing to is love. That it resides here in and through us in this now moment and that when it is shared it increases strength.
Traditional relationships, at least the ones I have been involved in seem to be created around fear, girlfriend husband. An idea that I must hold on tight because I am afraid there won't be enough love to go around. Bad things happen here with fear and the idea that we can possess one another. Great things happen when we transcend fear and trust the love we need exists within us always and increases when it is shared. God exists there, healing occurs there, beautiful things happen when we learn to reside in love.
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