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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
How old are you? If you are in your early 20s...
Early 20s...let's go with that

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
...and this was your first real relationship/love, I'd advise you to take your time deciding on whether to commit to someone long term.
I agree. I was coming out of a breakdown the other day so I was still emotionally fried and desperate. I'm realizing just how that's the very mindset which made me smothering in the first place. I'm making all efforts to stay positive and feel okay. Meditating and focusing on my works and studies, not losing myself like I would. Even for my age, I'm young, and I'm trying, working on being a better man first. And I'm working on being okay whether my ex texts me or not, unlike how it was. I want to be okay.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Especially since your breakup was terrible, full of "bottled up rage." It's a good idea to learn how to communicate your feelings and negotiate boundaries as issues come up, being completely honest every step of the way, owning your own shit, not expecting someone else to carry your baggage.

Don't bottle things up, but also learn how to communicate in a respectful way, using responsive listening, no name calling, no cursing.
God, every part of this deserves its own response. It's so spot-on. She did more of the raging and name-calling, but definitely I expected her to carry my baggage. That was shitty of me. God, I need to get my thoughts forward. Thank you for your insight.
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