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Originally Posted by WhatToDo View Post
Sort of feels like Hanna is getting the short end of the stick here. Like she went into this excepting time with Michael but is ending up with less then what she had in the first place. Like a bait and switch type of thing. Now she's sharing Isaac but getting nothing in return.

I don't know any details I'm just on the outside looking in.
From my understanding, the Michael-Hanna connection was an afterthought. Scarlette met them first and started dating them as a couple, but then Hanna stepped away so that Scarlette and Issac could get closer. Scarlette really liked them so she encouraged Hanna and Michael to form a connection as well.

That said, there's still this Scarlette-Hanna connection that seems to have been completely forgotten. I personally suspect that has more to do with it than the Michael connection, whom she's only met once.

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Scarlette spells it Issac, so I did too. Others are correcting her and spelling it Isaac, like in the Bible.
Wow I totally didn't catch that. Considering how many times she typed "Issac" I'm assuming that's correct. My brain saw "" and filled in the rest. Definitely wasn't intended as a correction, I don't even know the guy!

Baby name search... turns out Issac is also a Hebrew name, with exactly the same meaning as Isaac. I'm betting dollars to donuts they're the same name in Hebrew, and it's just the Latin spelling that's different. I usually pronounce Isaac "eye-ZAY-ik" but I know it can also be pronounced "EYE-zik" or "EYE-zak."

Sorry for the digression.
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