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Originally Posted by 3waykiss View Post
Mrs. doesn't like watching me and doesn't know how to get over her jealousy if she isn't she doesn't like 3somes with a str8 girls. It has to be a bi girl into her too.
To be honest,this really will not help her jealousy issues. She thinks it will, because she will get some attention, but unless the attention is focused on her at all points and you don't spend any time being intimate with the new woman, she will get jealous! But this time the stakes will be higher because you are not just swinging any more.

The reason we want to be exclusive is because we've been pulling back more and more since we are worried about diseases.
The most monogamist people I know have had STIs. It really isn't the best reason to seek exclusivity. And what have you got to offer a woman that she will miss out on having a primary relationship of her own? A chance to be married, a chance to be called Mrs. Smith, a chance to have kids, a wedding with her dad walking her down the aisle and set up her own home.

Can you give her that? And if not, why should she give that up permanently just because you want hawt FMF sex but don't want to risk the diseases that you assume are being spread through the swinger community?

I would think that if we find a single "bisexual" girl

Are you looking particularly for a "girl" or are women allowed at this party?

We even talked about finding a boyfriend for her and girlfriend if that's easier but the wife talked to another swinger couple and she told her don't do it! So she is also getting negative advice from other girls in the lifestyle that have been there done that and don't want us to try it.
And what reasons do they give in the swinger community about multiple romantic attachments that has you focused on this relationship style? Could if have something to do with avoiding women only into the man???

I'm afraid this happens fairly frequently in this situation, at least every other one I personally have heard of have suffered from this problem so, that won't help you either.

My suggestion is 1) Ignore the swingers, they haven't a clue


2) I would take a look at the dating and relationship section if I were you, there are goodness knows how many pages of unanswered profiles, more than anyone can count are couples asking for just the same thing as you are looking for. Might give you some idea of how popular this fantasy is.
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