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Originally Posted by zampana View Post
I can't help but wonder if poly ultimately works better for women than men? Many, many men love the idea of a relationship to someone who won't ask them to move in and have babies, who just wants to have a good time and who will be fine with them continuing to see other people.

Maybe it's just the women I've been meeting, but I find the opposite to be true - most women, if they're available and looking, seem to want to know that there's a commitment, that the man they're going to invest in will be willing to take it to the next level or whatever.
I find that many men find the idea of sharing a woman deeply offensive, even if they are not looking for true love. It is one thing to be single and out there, but once you have a ring on your finger or tell someone you are deeply committed AND looking, they tend to think you are going to lure them unto some crazy and strange threesome drama. This is ALSO true if the men themselves are in committed relationships!
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