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Originally Posted by thunkybunny View Post
As far as I'm concerned, any behavior that can get your partner(s) killed is cheating. Life is a real-world limit. Your partner(s) needs choices on risks in a relationship with you. Unfortunately, some people are so afraid of rejection or so self-absorbed that they'll construct elaborate rationales for lying/cheating. Fucking around before informing partner(s) is not only disrespectful and inconsiderate, it's potentially deadly. Even dating can be deadly if one's existing partner(s) is given to extreme jealousy. I wish there wasn't such a convenient label as 'poly' behind which liars and cheaters could hide.
I'm assuming this is about something someone you know actually did, and I'm confused about why someone would act this way, because as described it sounds like someone in a poly relationship just went out and screwed someone of questionable HIV status, and then lied to cover it, and then used poly as an excuse for the whole thing. That sounds crazy.
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