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Smile V from Norway


I am the female hinge in a V betwen two men; my husband, who I have been together with for 9 years, and my boyfriend who I met 2 months ago. I live with my husband and have a long-distance-relationship to my boyfriend, who lives abroad (I met him where he works while on holiday). I consider them both my primaries, though for the time being I share more with my husband since we live together. The exact practicalities we are still figuring out. My boyfriend will come visit us both in a 2 month's time, I guess we will have the big discussion then! Anyhow, my men seem to get along fine. Me and my husband discussed polyamory for 4-5 years; he is also polyamorous but "polysingle". We both had poly-affairs in the past who did not work out. This is my first real poly relationship, and my first ever long distance relationship. My boyfriend is monogamous but has been brave enought to accept this strange lifestyle in order to be with me . My husband is 2 years older than me, my boyfriend is 7 years younger than me (and nearly 10 years younger than my husband)

I don't think I will take on any more people, as I feel very settled/saturated and want to give mye men all that I can give. I also know my boyfriend think having to deal with my husband is quite enough. And I want children too, and keeping up with work, work out, hobbies and friends

I run the local polyamory chapter and is also engaged in the national polyamory network Will be nice getting to know some people internationally
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