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I'll elaborate...

The reason we don't enjoy playing with couples is because of bad experiences...we've had guys slip condoms off and made us really upset!!! So naturally I'm always worried about her being ok with a couple and I can't focus or stay hard because of it. Mr. is perfectly fine in a 3some where all three are involved together. Mrs. doesn't like watching me and doesn't know how to get over her jealousy if she isn't she doesn't like 3somes with a str8 girls. It has to be a bi girl into her too.

The reason we want to be exclusive is because we've been pulling back more and more since we are worried about diseases. We have friends that don't use condoms and some have confessed to getting STD's so that scares us!

I would think that if we find a single "bisexual" girl that she would be worried if we continue swinging too.

I guess we are looking for something more exclusive so we don't have to worry about diseases. We even talked about finding a boyfriend for her and girlfriend if that's easier but the wife talked to another swinger couple and she told her don't do it! So she is also getting negative advice from other girls in the lifestyle that have been there done that and don't want us to try it.
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