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Ahem ... waaah now I want some attention ...

For the record! (Everyone listening?) I officially have: neaou problem with threesomes (even if I haven't personally tried one as yet), any more than I do dyad sex. Example: Picture a triad that has threesomes and dyad sex with *one or two* of the built-in dyads, but not all three. Well, if that's a-workin' for everyone and all feel contented/happy with the sitch, then I'm all for it -- and by no means do I see it as some kind of "pie in the sky" hypothetical. Bet it actually does work that way with some triads. After all, as we seem to agree, it's not always all about the sex per se, right? In a word, it's often "merely" about romance or just closeness in general.

So puh-leease do not "group me in with everyone" when saying "everyone on this thread is attacking/shaming threesome sex." I can't speak for others, but I personally feel dissed having been grouped into that group (however real/imagined the "group's overall vice" here is).

Please review my earlier post and note that I was kinda sticking up for the potentially positive aspects of starting out with just threesomes. My only caution was against rigidity per se, not against threesomes. Mmkay?

Misticbleu, sounds to me like you're doin' just-a-fine (for now at the very least), and have the right attitude/approach. Carry on, learn as you go as we all do, and I have good vibes about your future.

Loves and kisses to everyone (come and get 'em while they're hot),
Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"

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