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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
It seems a bit back to front doesn't it? Unless it is a 'not wanting anyone to feel left out issue'? Surely it would make people feel more comfortable connecting with a new partner 1 on 1 and then when everyone feels suitable intimate and secure, engaging in a threesome?
I'm not sure why a threesome seems 'back to front'? If the point is to develop a triad from the beginning, then a threesome makes sense to me. It gives you the opportunity to see if you all work together. It allows for full discussion of any issues afterwards. If something happens where one partner feels uncomfortable, then both partners can be there to address it.

I guess I have a hard time understanding the resistance to threesomes. Perhaps it is because of the way my triad formed, but threesomes have always been the norm for us. They feel natural. I feel just as comfortable and secure as during one on one sex.
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