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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post
Sure you could argue that you might still get all that with a non-human person who was 100% independent and could come and go as he/she pleased. But we keep our pets safe and sound and in that way, we know they'll always be at home waiting for us. Hell of a deal for us humans. The non-humans? Well, they'll never have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, for what that's worth. Shelter; no cold, rain, driving snows.
My ex doesn't want a pet. Ever. But he feeds the stray cats that come to the house (and, due to leaving food out, a couple of foxes and a possum - which could be argued that he's making wild animals dependent on him, but I digress...). Two are feral, in that if they are approached by a human (or even SEE a human), they make themselves scarce.

One seems to have been someone's pet in the past - when he first started coming around, he tried to get into the house. He follows you when you walk up to the house, he meows and rubs against your legs, he follows the kids to the bus stop and hangs out with them.

So maybe, CW, this is your idea of friendship?

Except that these cats never see medical attention. The friendly one? He's had skin issues for years, with patches where his fur is missing, scabs covering his skin. Covered in ticks some days. It's sad, and every winter he disappears, we wonder if it will be his last.

He wants companionship, and gets it how he can, but with his health issues, my ex won't let the kids touch him, so he gets some level of attention, but not much. He still makes do, and sleeps on a chair on the porch from time to time.

(For anyone wondering, my ex called the local animal rescue league twice, but they need him to catch the cat, which he won't do.)

I still find it better and healthier for the animal to take them to the vet regularly, and to have regular food and shelter. We've domesticated the hell out of them over thousands of years, I have no problem taking responsibility for a couple who needed a place to go.

Edited to add: ARGH! Sorry for cross-pollinating threads again. Mods, if you want to move this into the "Pets" thread, then please do so. I'll try to be a bit more mindful of what thread I'm in.
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