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Originally Posted by Misticbleu View Post
Hi. Ohhh I've thought about it... and it's not a THREESOME I'm needing to feel comfort and not to feel left out.. Just thought it would work better that way. I would always want all parties to have a say soo..
Ah right, because earlier in the thread it appeared that you were making it a rule, I am glad to see I was mistaken.
Thus not forget we've had threesomes before..
I got that. You were swingers, I addressed the difference.
just more of a all get comfortable together thing is what I was thinking.. since it's more than sex.
It seems a bit back to front doesn't it? Unless it is a 'not wanting anyone to feel left out issue'? Surely it would make people feel more comfortable connecting with a new partner 1 on 1 and then when everyone feels suitable intimate and secure, engaging in a threesome?
Man only has one penis... haha.. well that's not the focus. Think about it.
It was an example and.....that has already been addressed.
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