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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
IME, threesome sex can be more stressful and the cause of insecurity in early days than later days, it is the wrong way around if it is comfort you want to encourage.
That threesome only (for now) rule (for that IS a rule that the other woman doesn't have a hand in making) is there to prevent a feeling of being left out, by those who fear being left out but trust me, threesomes are not impervious to that feeling. A man only has one penis.

Think about it.

Hi. Ohhh I've thought about it... and it's not a THREESOME I'm needing to feel comfort and not to feel left out.. Just thought it would work better that way. I would always want all parties to have a say soo..
Thus not forget we've had threesomes before.. we've had sex without the other one present before ( maybe I didn't mention that ). We've been swingers for years... so I dont NEED to feel comfortable with my husband having sex with someone... just more of a all get comfortable together thing is what I was thinking.. since it's more than sex.
Man only has one penis... haha.. well that's not the focus. Think about it.
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