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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
This particular thread was started because someone labelled herself a unicorn when it was clear she actually wanted to be treated like an free woman with her own rights and opinions, which is exactly what a unicorn does not have.
And this is the kind of overloading of the term which does not belong....

The Unicorn term is used outside the poly world, through the swinging realm, and possibly some areas of the BDSM community. It doesn't belong exclusively to the poly community to redefine along a particular political agenda.

The common factor of the definitions basically comes down to the bi female who is willing to engage with couples. Period, End, Stop. That's the only factor that plays into the rarity paradigm, because everyone is looking for one, yet few if any ever seem to find one.

All this other nonsense about a unicorn being rare because they're somehow willing to give up their adult rights or to enjoy being an indentured sex slave, etc. is specific only to a few area's of the poly blogging sphere from some particular individuals with an axe to grind. Frankly doesn't do the community as a whole any service, as it's been mostly a drive to chastise and alienate a wide swath of people in or coming into poly from the monostream world.

Now, if we want to look at patriarchal overtones in things like OPP's, Unicorn hunting patterns, and lopsided relationship agreements, then there might be a basis for these issues in that discussion, because most of them are vestiges of the over-ridding patriarchal systems prevalent in the western world.
But they are not part of the Unicorn definition.
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