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Wow. I feel for you, if this is what you've been dealing with.

I know this doesn't help your situation any (since I'm not in your dating pool), but there ARE women who don't give a rat's ass about that. We do exist. I AM beginning to think we're pretty uncommon, however, given your circumstances.

Natja, I understand your bewilderment - I posed a similar question upthread. The idea of damning someone for past relationships (again, unless there's a crazy axe murderer after me for some reason) seems completely foreign to me.

But I'm also not editing my email history for anybody. Ick. Besides, anyone who'd be that jealous would get an eyeful of my FB activity anyway, and the shit would hit the fan LONG before email ever got mentioned. And I'm not even Poly! Just a geek who got a Comp Sci degree and happens to have more male friends than female ones.
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