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You're just going to ignore the posts responding to your outsized reaction? Just gloss over that? Pretend it didn't happen?

I wrote my thoughts on the matter which you asked for in your original post. You had a reaction where you threatened people - who do not know you and have no idea where you live - with harm. You threatened people you don't know and will never meet because they disagreed with you. Do you not see how disportionate and disturbing that is? You have done this in other threads - had a disportionately angry response to something someone posted. That's a pattern, not a bad day.

You seem unable to not to take everything personally. You've written elsewhere that you have no boundaries. That may be why you cannot tell when someone is writing their own opinion in response to your thread and a personal attack. There was no personal attack in anything anyone wrote. People just disagreed with you and stated why they disagreed.

I hope you think about this and get some help. It's not uncommon to have no boundaries. Not healthy but not uncommon.
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