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Originally Posted by Shipwrecked View Post
poly but are somehow currently still single, due to how repugnant most of the never-been-poly population finds polyamory.
I am not certain I understand this, why would you need to talk about the nature of your past relationships unless you bring it up?

It has been a while since I 'dated' but is that an appropriate question to ask people nowadays because I have to say, I am not comfortable with that. I don't ask people about their previous history (beyond whether they are married,single, poly or what not) and I don't expect that sort of question either.

I was absolutely horrified when my bff asked a new beau how many people he had slept with, I think it is terribly inappropriate to ask that.

Am I just......completely mad or is this normal?

means systematically purging all of your old mementos and emails from what was probably a substantial portion of your life.
OMG??? Why? Are you allowing new partners access to your private email I am losing it.

Plus, obviously, it's lying
It's nobody flaming business is what it is.....

FWIW the last person I dated broke up with me (by text message no less) after realizing she couldn't be with someone who USED to be polyamorous.
Stop bringing it up, it is not necessary to tell people as some sort of penitent or own your past for pity's sake!

You know, it is beginning to sound like you are enjoying wallowing in misery.
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