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Kevin, Ah, thanks for elaborating on that whole 'hypocrisy' subject: I agree we could all benefit from taking care not to be hypocrites of our own messages.~

'Trivial' purposes?~ In my personal opinion, 'entertainment' and 'companionship', 'friendship', or 'what ever you want to call it'.~

My question is, "Was it worth it?~"

A long time ago we Humans befriended non-Humans like wolves and it was a true friendship one of mutual agreement to stay with one another so that we may both benefit from each other.~

Like other animals, we Humans have taken other animals from the wild, killed them, and eaten them.~ Over time the time between taking them from the wild and killing them got longer until we started raising them out of the wild for the sole purpose of being killed and eaten.~

Both of these relationships were separate for a long time.~

At some point we stopped treating our 'non-Human friends' truly as 'friends' and instead they become some thing in-between what they once were "true friends" and what the animals we capture from the wild or raise from birth out of the wild to kill and to eat "are".~

I ask another question, "Why?"~


I will ask the first question again, "Was it worth it?"~

I'm not sure why Humans did this, but every reason I've ever heard to 'justify' this is 'trivial' in my opinion.~

Your right, the damage has already been done.~ Perhaps cutting the genitals off and out of these "Property Pets" will help stop the overpopulation.~ Another question, "Why is this 'Justifiable' to force upon non-Humans, but not Humans?" Aren't we Humans ourselves overpopulated on many parts of this planet?~ Is this a adequate solution for either non-Humans or Humans and if it is, is it a permanent solution to always be practiced?~

How do we get back to that: the times when a long time ago Humans and certain non-Humans were 'truly friends'?~

Is releasing all 'non-Human Pets' to go any where they wish to go the solution?~

Many Humans would most often refuse to face the truth, but the truth is many "Pets" that can not be allowed to roam without dying are a direct result of "horrible parenting or caregiving": they are often never raised to navigate the dangers of life in 'civilization'.~ So not only are many "Pets" not ever allowed to roam on their own, but if they ever to just happen to do so they have not been prepared for a world (civilization) they have often been born into.~ Would this be 'justifiable' with a "Human" child?~

What about the ones no Human is taking care of but have been captured and are put into cages at a 'pound'?~ Would it be best to release these 'surplus' 'Pets' into the wild?~ Not all of them would die in the wild, is that a better life than spending the rest of their lives in a cage made short when 'their time is up' because they have not been 'adopted' and are each for sure killed for circumstances taken out of their control?~

The reality of things and the truth of things may not always be pretty, but is any one even willing to even seriously think about these questions?~

I'm glad you are, Kevin.~
Love yourself, you are beautiful!~ ^_^

*Believe in yourself, you can do anything*!~ ^_^

Appreciate every thing, every thing is precious.~

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