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He and I (heh, his nickname is pixy actually) have been together 5 months. Connected on so many levels. He was in the process of coming out of a 14yr marriage. Divorce papers were signed before we even met.
His ex wife and I met and we are fine with each other.

He admitted he had some issues being honest with her during their relationship. She was very controlling and manipulative. It turned into them deciding they wanted different things. So they split. We met. We had sparks. We wanted to take things slow but ended up kinda rushing into things as certain situations occured so our nre wore a couple months in. But. not that there isn't passion there or anything, just into a deeper love and affection. A more meaningful connection.

He said going forward with me, he wants to be completely honest and open and not feel like he can't be himself.

I suppose it is him being inconsiderate saying he would date her anyway. But. How am I being considerate telling him he shouldn't?
And they are both respecting my concerns by waiting. They still talk and flirt a little. And we are still going to hang out with her. But they agreed not to get romantic. He said he wants to take things slow with her. But he said that to me...and we become so close in such a short time.

But let's say they wait, we hang with her, and maybe a month goes by and I'm not feeling good about her. Then what? Ask them to keep waiting?
It's horrible of me. I can't do that to my partner.
Risk it and get reassured if/when he comes back to me?
If I love him, let him go type of thing?
If I have this bad feeling with only her? If other women come into play with the same levels of affection and I'm content with them?

I want to overcome this bad feeling. I want him to be free and happy. But this feeling is driving me up the wall with a mix of fear and guilt. Very awkward place to be in.
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