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We've become primaries because we wanted it that way. We are wanting to commit to one another. We've discussed future marriage at some point but. He is still unsure about it and we are both not in an ideal financial spot to make it happen.

We connect so well. We work together wonderfully and are essentially also best friends. When our NRE wore a bit it didn't fade our interests in one another but took us to a whole new level of love.

Despite this, I find it hard to just trust him. We aren't engaged, we aren't married. We are looking into domestic partnership though. We live together and are combining our finances. Neither of us want kids.

But. She can offer him things I can't. To that perspective, perhaps the fear of loss is taking me away from my general place of love and integrity. So maybe it is jealously that causes my negative feelings.


Well. I agree setting rules is not the best way to go. Combatting this mentality though, have there been ways of thinking that helped any of you work through jealousy or bad feelings?
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