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Originally Posted by LondonGuy View Post
Are there any well known celebrities (or celebrity couples) out there who are poly?
Here are some historical examples of people who had triad relationships, if that is of any use:

Admiral Horatio Nelson
Giacomo Casanova
Jean Baptiste Poquelin (Moliere)
Emma Goldman
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Alexandre Dumas
Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten
Oskar Schindler
Jean Paul Sartre
Simone de Beavoir
Henry Miller
Lawrence Olivier
Virginia Wolf
Denise Richards
Angelina Jolie
Matt Dilon
Salvador Dali
Pablo Picasso
President Francois Miterrand
George Bernard Shaw
Aldous Huxley
D.H. Lawrence
Bertrand Russell
Marlene Dietrich
Greta Garbo
Cary Grant
H.G. Wells
John Maynard Keynes
Ernest Hemingway
Neve Campbell
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