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Hi Ry,

Thanks for the link. It was a very interesting article and the comments by Jadye were much so that for me they over shadowed the article and go to the many threads on how kids handle poly or "coming out" to the family and the community

Jayde CMJ
3 days ago

My parentals think everything is blissfully perfect because THEY are happy. In their eyes, I'm just a moody, hormonal teenager, with a bad attitude, so to them, I don't need therapy. I'd be doing it as a way to seek attention. They'll never accept that they're the reason for my attitude change. I've walked down that fork in the road a hundred times over the past couple of years. They're just short of telling me that I'll grow out of these feelings and will accept this one day. I'm a "child," so my feelings aren't valid on grown-up matters. They know what is best, so why do I need a voice, huh?


Jayde ElleJai
2 days ago

Hi. It's deeper than their need to be out. They wanted their girlfriend to be recognized and respected as my third parent. They keep pushing that on me. When I push back, they make me feel like I'm a bad seed. They don't want her to feel like a dirty secret and promote equality.

Recently I was on the homecoming court. The parentals were going to talk to the administrators to get her added to my list of my escorts during halftime. I told them no because for one night I wanted to be normal and share the moment with my mom and dad. I was ok with her supporting from the stands. They told me I was being inconsiderate of HER feelings because I didn't want to share that moment with her and didn't consider her my parent. She isn't a parent to me so I saw like no reason for her to be introduced as one. They were determined to make my moment about validating her and showing the world that three parents and polyamory isn't harmful to kids. Nevermind that I didn't want it. They did and that's all that mattered.

There's so many flaws I can talk about. Let's talk about how I've lost friends. Let's talk about all the partners and how much it hurts when they leave my life. Let's talk about how they'd miss school functions because of dates and sleepovers. Don't get me started. I've seen and been thru too much behind them. My dislike has been a long time coming.

This is just a few of this girls comments. I suggest newbies with kids read this girls comments.
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