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Well someone got the memo about my dysfunctional "Awww" feline fetish. I'm in kitty heaven here. The only drawback is I'm a-worried Rainee'll notice me swooning over these *other cat* pics and get all jealous and shiz. (Technically not a problem since housecats are renowned for their "convey desire for -- no, *demand* one's desired attention, and damn well get it!" talent.)

Ohhh the maltreatment ... the suffering ... the emptiness where "free from the shackles of arrogant humans and all their ugly artificial consumerist technology" should be. It's all so ... painfully obvious in these pics ...

But I'll admit, part of the perception problem here may be that cats are so darn good at "taking life as it comes, lovin' *all* the little pleasures, etc."

Awww ... a "belleh rub" ... a walk through the kitty's magic angel hair ...

I've figured out Bubba's prob: He gets so into this ecstasy thing that it actually turns painful ("oh hurt me hurt me") and he's just *gotta* puke it all out.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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