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Default Further Postscript

I couldn't get back to sleep. The mental imagery was a little hard to deal with, but would not in itself have kept me from sleeping. The problem, again, is a structural problem with the house: the office/guest room is just across the hall from the bedroom Vix and I share.

They were talking and laughing for hours, and I really just didn't want to bother them. I got up, made myself some herbal tea, and tried to rest on the couch in the back room.

I went back to bed, then Vix came to bed at around 4. We ended up talking until a little after 5. I let her know it wasn't really that big a deal, but that I was a little irked and a little squicked out; I had her read my two posts from yesterday evening/last night.

I then slept until the alarm went off at 6.

I don't have time to recount the whole conversation - I'm facing a busy day on three hours of sleep, after all - but it was revealing, and basically warm. We had one or two good laughs.

One quick example: She noted, again, that she isn't really physically attracted to guys, anyway. She likes them, and has affectionate relationships with them. If she wants to fantasize about physical attraction, though, she generally fantasizes about women.

She has been thinking that she may never find another guy with whom she might fall in love, and she finds that kind of sad. Guys in general are pretty messed up by traditional culture, and really good ones are few and far between.

Putting two and two together, the thought occurred that maybe she might fall madly in love with a woman at some point.

I made her laugh out loud when I suggested - tongue firmly in cheek - that I could be her wing-man.
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