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I've had an interest in BDSM and kink since I was a teen. It's only in recent years (I'm 54) that Ive really brought the fantasies about it into reality.

With my mostly vanilla ex h, I took a sub role the last 10 or so yrs of our relationship, in an attempt to help him build his self esteem. I am naturally assertive, but found a thrill out of taking orders from him in the bedroom and being subjected to an occasional short spanking or paddling.

But since we broke up, Ive dived in. My lover has been poly and kinky all her life and we have gradually begun playing with impact play (crop, flogger, steel rod), scrathing with a knife blade, dildoes and strap ons, light bondage (me tying her up), blindfolds, sensation play (ice, wax, rabbit fur, etc), pee play, enemas, TENS unit, forced oral, and other things.

She's a sub, and has had Masters in the past. I'm a switch. Interestingly, she is fantastic at topping me from the bottom.

We've not been to a play party together yet. She belongs to a kinky grp for women and transppl only tho. We have a few kinky friends we see socially, Dommes mostly.

Also I have just begun playing w a young Dom. He's 27. It's a bit odd. We met on OKC and he immediatley started asking me to Domme him, even tho he's never exped that before. We had one date, messed around, switched between roles, and he got cold feet. Months later, we had a 2nd date. This time I let him top me. Maybe one more date where he tops me, and trusts me more, and then we will turn the tables... rawr.

It's hard to find a good Dom. My gf says most of the Doms out there are just assholes.
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