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Default Celebrities/Famous Poly Role Models

Are there any well known celebrities (or celebrity couples) out there who are poly?

I've always been certain that Billy Connolly and Pamela Stephenson are poly, here's my reasons...

She's a doctor of psychology who specialised in Human sexuality and always comes across as very sex positive in interviews and such.

He once made a speech on Comic relief in about 2006 after a number of world tragedies had happened (including the Boxing Day Tsunami) - I've looked for it online and can't find it but his speech went something like "people say that they're having charity fatigue, I say that's bullshit!! That's like saying I have love fatigue or I don't have enough love to go around"

As I say I'm certain they're poly and I don't think I could find greater role models than them in terms of humour, intelligence, political inclinations or good willed nature. But I do wonder... are there others out there?
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