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Originally Posted by london View Post
I agree that they should have their alone time elsewhere but when they tried, she said it feels like they are trying to avoid her. Ie unless all quality time is spent under her supervision, she feels excluded.
Well, she is being excluded. Even little kids have to learn that they don't always get to come to the party. Grown-ups should already know this.

That's the blunt way of putting it. But the point is, time between Isaac and Scarlette isn't about Hannah. At all. It's about Isaac and Scarlette.

Unless... maybe it is about Hannah...

Scarlette: What are your feelings about her? You mentioned that you guys explored things a bit at first but she said she didn't want to stand in your way. I'm just wondering if some of her reaction isn't in part that she also wants to be with you romantically, and maybe that's even why she's hovering when you're with Isaac. And why she's willing to put herself on the sidelines, sleeping at work, so you guys can be together. In other words, maybe none of this is about romantic time with Isaac, but rather with you. Just a thought, feel free to tell me I'm out to lunch.
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